Celebration Candles 1-21 Year Numbered Birthday Candle, Pink



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This charming numbered birthday candle will be the hit of any little girl’s birthday party. Numbered from years 1 to 21, the candle is burned a “year at a time”, marking the passage of each precious year. Handcrafted in the USA, the candle is coated in pink wax and features adorable pictures of a child’s milestones. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of a daughter or granddaughter, or the perfect gift for a new baby, baptism, first birthday or baby’s first Christmas. The candle measures 15″ tall and 3″ wide at the base. Sure to become a birthday tradition in your family or a thoughtful gift that will keep giving year after year.


  • A great new baby, first birthday or holiday gift that keeps giving year after year
  • Will become a favorite family tradition
  • A fun way to count your baby’s years one by one
  • Handcrafted in the USA


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