WanJ 30pcs Magic Relighting Trick Birthday Candles



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Put these naughty candles on the birthday party, put them on the birthday cake,Take camera recording the astonished, incredible expressions of the children when the candles are rekindled. when They are old, but the good memories are kept, which may be the best birthday gift.
How to use:
1、After lighting candles, let them burn for about 60 seconds, and the wick should be as long as possible, which is conducive to reburning.
2、For safety, don’t let your child touch the candle when it goes out to avoid burns.


  • 10 magic candles of various colors,Total of 30 candles(10 Pcs a pack)
  • Create more memories for the party.
  • Blow out the candle, magic will appear
  • Easy to use, put the trick candle into water to extinguish.
  • Bring more joy to your party.


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